This high-quality honey from own apiary

by Десналенд Компания

Honey ... This incredible product of beekeeping love everything. Sweet, delicious, sweet, useful - it's all about him. Do you know which way we pass the honey, before you get to your table?

In ecologically clean area Gluhovschiny and Novgorod Sivershchyna on blooming fields - bees toiler, collect nectar and carry it to the hive. There nectar sealed in the cell in which honey is fermented and maturation. When honey becomes ripe - beekeepers collected and pumped it. We do not conduct heat or any other treatment of honey. To your table gets very natural quality honey!

We offer you the best variety of honey from our region:

Honey "Gold of Sіverschina"

Price (250g) – 40uah.

The most valuable variety of honey.

Unlike other areas in Ukraine, where the rains are not allowed to collect high-quality honey in our apiary in Novgorod-Seversky sunny days gave a good yield of high-grade acacia honey.

With a variety of useful properties it is also called "child" honey - it does not cause allergies, improves digestion, improves the immune system, has many other useful properties.

And most importantly - it does not crystallize for a long time.

Honey "Blossoming Valley" May

Price (250g) – 35uah.

This honey is going first.

Obtained from the nectar of flowers diversity of May, which is rich in Gluhovschina - he gathered the magic of flavor and an incredible advantage.

Regular use of honey - a person becomes a jovial and cheerful, insomnia disappears and normal nervous system.

He also improves vision.

Honey "Summer delight" raznotravje

Price (250g) – 35uah.

This collection of useful and medicinal properties of all kinds of colors with clean fields and forests of our region.

The closely spaced natural water sources and clean air have given honey delicate taste and exquisite aroma.

Honey has a high nutritional value, reduces inflammation and kills germs.

It restores the body after exhaustion, removes toxins, normalizes sleep.

Honey "Magic of Gluhovschina" buckwheat-linden

Price (250g) – 35uah.

A unique variety that combines the beneficial properties of the two types of honey emergency.

Due to a rare phenomenon - the simultaneous flowering Gluhovschine linden and buckwheat honey, this is available only with us! It has an unusual flavor and a wonderful taste.

It has an unusual flavor and a wonderful taste.It recommended to take in anemia, beriberi, reducing the protective properties of the body, due to the high content of iron and protein from buckwheat. Linden gives good results in the treatment of colds, reduces blood pressure, improves heart function, treats skin diseases.

Eat natural bee honey from "Desnaland" and be healthy!


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